Amanyangyun Hotel – Garden Design

Aman Hotel and Spa with Dan Pearson Studio

The Aman Hotel and Club is a new luxury hotel complex near Shanghai in China.  It is contained within a new walled village and is made up of 26 relocated and restored Ming dynasty villas alongside 18 new villas and a club and spa complex.  At Dan Pearson Studio Lynda was responsible for the design of the private villa gardens and public green space.  For more information about the landscape design of the communal areas and club, click here.

Villa entrances from a planted communal courtyard

Ming villa2
An example of one of the a
ntique villas; each to be set in its own private garden


Intial sketch designs for the villa gardens


Detailed designs for two antique villa gardens

The modern villa gardens were designed using motifs and materials similar to those in the antique villas.  Here is shown a cross section through the garden and it’s waterlilly pool.

……..Sculptural bathroom2Sketch of a proposed external stone bathing room within a modern villa


Villa suites section

A lower level courtyard within a modern villa complexes is planted with bamboo