Private Garden and Estate, Kiev, Ukraine

Private Garden, Kiev with Neveux Rouyer Paysagistes

Our Ukrainian client commissioned the French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte to design a family home in the forest near Kiev.  Neveux Rouyer were asked to design the gardens and the adjacent wooded estate.  The project included sports pitches, a lake, a sulpture garden and hedged garden rooms to receive marquees for parties.  At Neveux Rouyer, Lynda was responsible for carrying out site surveys, the concept design, design development, forestry management plan and project management.

The existing site

Coupe fete la nuit
Garden room with a small marquee

3 Coupe 3a Ball Garden room with the maximum size marquee

2 Coupe Tennis copie
Tennis court and pavilion

1 Coupe PotagerOrnamental kitchen garden

From Left to Right: Garden rooms with potager, tennis court and orchards; lakeside gardens; lake and woodland.