Amanyungyan Resort, Shanghai, China

Aman Hotel and Spa with Dan Pearson Studio

The Amanyangyun Resort is contained within a new walled village and is made up of 26 relocated and restored Ming dynasty villas with the addition of 18 new villas and a club and spa complex.  Dan Pearson Studio were asked to design all the communal green space (roads, lanes, courtyards) as well as the private villa gardens and club grounds.  The client required the replanting of over 1000 mature camphor trees giving the village a woodland feel.  The lead architect for the buildings was Singapore based Kerry Hill Architects.

Responsible for: Concept design, design development and detailed design for the communal green spaces, villa gardens and club grounds.

130117 MasterplanMasterplan

KHA basePlan of the main street showing the “Long Water” lake and a section through a green lane leading to the villas.

Villa entrances

Ming villa2
Antique villas forming the basis of the village

Site visits in China inspired the design of hard materials

New-Villa-SectionSection through modern villa garden

Sculptural bathroom2

Sketch of a proposed external bathing room within the modern villas

Villa suites section
Planted lower level courtyard within the villa complexes.

AHV Club Masterplan
Masterplan of Spa-club area showing the proposed Forest Peninsula Park to the south.

The Amanyangyun hotel and club opened in 2018.

Year of involvement : 2012 to 2013
Area :  18 Hectares
Budget :  Confidential