Chateau and Park of Sillery, Sillery-sur-Orge, Essonne, France

The park of the Château of Sillery is a listed landscape (monument inscrit) as it was designed in 1837 by Louis-Sulpice Varé, the landscape designer responsible for the early phases of the Bois de Boulogne in Paris.

The Château is owned by the Fondation Franco-Brittanique de Sillery and the building and grounds are home to the Centre de Réadaptation Professionnelle de Sillery which provides vocational training to mentally disabled adults in horticulture, construction and hospitality.

p1110922Following recent deterioration in some of the features designed by Varé, the Fondation Franco-Brittanique asked Lynda Harris Paysagiste, as advising Landscape Architect, to assess the current state of the park and make proposals for a restoration and accessibility plan for the next 10+ years.


p1120273Grotto boathouse

p1120307Lake & Boathouse