Forest Peninsula Park, Maqiao, Shanghai

FPP banner copieThe Forest Peninsula Park on the outskirts of Shanghai is a new 14.6 ha. public park lying between two canals and designed to service a large new mixed use development.  Dan Pearson Studio were asked to create a park using over 1000 mature transplanted camphor trees.  In addition to the forested areas the park will include water terraces, productive kitchen gardens, lotus ponds and a wet-grassland area set around a cultural centre.  The canals are to be transformed into more natural meandering rivers to maximise opportunities for wildlife.

Responsible for :  Concept design and design development phases.

121102-Masterplan2Masterplan showing Aman Hotel and Club to the north.  The park includes a wetland, water and allotment terraces.

Camphor trees to be transplanted.

Camphor tree sizes
Study of camphor tree spacing

Models to study landform
Cad sectionSection through lotus pond and cultural centre

FPP Lush barrier001

Sketch section through river to cultural centre.