Quartier Foch Barracks, Chaumont en Champagne, France

Chaumont Banner copie

The town of Chaumont-en-Champagne wish to create a new mixed use development on the site of a former military barracks.  The project included the renovation of existing buildings and the creation of a hierachy of roads, a market place and a public park.

Responsible for :  Design of green space, planting plans, specification and costing for the intial design phase.

Chaumont photo
The existing barracks buildings which are to be retained.

Chaumont coupe3
A section through a new park and road proposed for the new neighbourhood.
Chaumont coupe2

The proposed main street with space for a weekly market.

Chaumont coupe1
A section through a proposed street.

Foch Chaumont plan
The masterplan